The product lauch of « DS3 Cabrio »

The product lauch of « DS3 Cabrio »

Thursday, 28 March, 2013

Eventa organisation organized the event of the product launch of the new car « DS3 cabrio ». This event has taken place on Tuesday, 21 March to « Citroën Espace Cartier » of Seyssinet and on Tuesday, 28 March to « Citroën sada » of Eybens.

The product launch of new fashion car « DS3 cabrio », eventa organisation prepared a quizz, a visit, a slideboard, and to finish the presentation of the new car. During this event, a photographer Edyta Tolwinska was present during the evening for taking pictures of guests. The slideboard presented consisted of Soups of champagne,  fruit cocktails, fresh vegetables or chocolate fondue.

The company set up a system of personalized bracelets allowing the guests to get back their photos the day after on Internet. 

Plus de détails sur le déroulement des 2 événements